Mark Needham, Senior Consultant at Neo Technology, and Wes Freeman, Software Engineer at Information Analysis, present Cypher optimization techniques in this recorded webinar

  Webinar: Optimizing Cypher Queries in Neo4j Mark and Wes will talk about Cypher optimization techniques based on real queries as well as the theoretical underlying processes. They’ll start from the basics of “what not to do”, and how to take advantage of indexes, and continue to the subtle ways of ordering MATCH/WHERE/WITH clauses for optimal performance as of the 2.0.0 release. Speakers: Mark Needham, Senior Consultant, Neo Technology Mark NeedhamMark is a graph advocate and field engineer for Neo Technology, the company behind the Neo4j graph database. As a field engineer, Mark helps customers embrace graph data and Neo4j building sophisticated solutions to challenging data problems. When he’s not with customers Mark is a developer on Neo4j and writes his experiences of being a graphista on a popular blog at He tweets at @markhneedham. Wes Freeman, Software Engineer, Information Analysis, Inc. Wes FreemanWes is a Software Engineer at Information Analysis Inc., a Neo Technology partner in Fairfax, VA. He is a Cypher community contributor and the top StackOverflow answerer for Cypher questions.