Max De Marzi, Senior Consultant at Neo Technology, discusses importing data into Neo4j in this webinar

  Webinar: Importing Data into Neo4j The advantage of using a graph database is their ability to represent complex relationships between pieces of data directly. In order to utilize a graph database and create interesting use cases, you first have to import the data of course. The raw data usually comes from a variety of data sources in different formats, which often doesn’t easily correspond to the desired graph model and has to be adapted. In this webinar, Max De Marzi will cover the various aspects of the data import process for Neo4j. He will present the existing procedures and tools and also answer your questions related to importing data. Speaker: Max De Marzi, Senior Consultant, Neo Technology Max De MarziMax De Marzi is a graph database enthusiast. He built the Neography Ruby Gem, a rest api wrapper to the Neo4j Graph Database. He is addicted to learning new things, loves a challenge and finding pragmatic solutions. Learn more about Max and Neo4j at