Joshua Feingold, Solutions Engineering Manager at Tom Sawyer Software, presents graph visualization with Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Perspectives

  Webinar: Visualizing the Neo4j Graph Database with Tom Sawyer Perspectives Join this webinar to learn about the new built-in support for Neo4j and the Cypher Query Language in Tom Sawyer Perspectives, created by Tom Sawyer Software. Tom Sawyer Perspectives provides business users with great insights to their connected data and easy deployment to HTML5, ImageMap, Java and .NET Desktop applications. The addition of built-in support for Neo4j enables organizations to have greater flexibility to build graph visualization and analysis applications with large and diverse data sets. During this webinar, Josh will use the Cineasts movie data set to demonstrate how you can add powerful graph visualization and analysis to your existing Big Data applications.   Speaker: Joshua Feingold, Solutions Engineering Manager, Tom Sawyer Software Josh FeingoldJoshua Feingold leads Tom Sawyer Software’s Solutions Engineering group, which is responsible for the development of new demonstration and proof-of-concept applications, demonstrating our products for prospective customers, and providing technical support. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.