Philip Rathle, VP of Products at Neo Technology, presents how graph databases are the optimal choice for making sense of the vast connected web comprising the Internet of Things

  Webinar: Using a Graph Database to Power the Internet of Things Graphs are a fantastic tool for understanding complex, connected, and dynamic systems, which makes graph databases the logical choice for making sense of the vast, growing web of connected devices comprising the Internet of Things. With a graph database, you can easily understand and query the relationships between devices, networks, sensors, companies, and users. This significantly advances the ability to unveil insights on everything in the IoT, including data control and security, and facilitate real-time analytics on the complex relationships between the connected devices. This session provides a brief overview of graphs and graph databases, and how they are the optimal choice to power the IoT. Blog post: Speaker: Philip Rathle, VP of Products, Neo Technology Philip RathlePhilip has a passion for building great products that help users solve tomorrow’s challenges. He spent the first decade of his career building information solutions for some of the world’s largest companies: first with Accenture, and then at Tanning Technology, one of the world’s top database consultancies of the time, as a solution architect focusing on data warehousing and BI strategy.