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SDTimes 100 2019 Database and Database Managment  


Neo4j has been selected as a leader in the 2019 SDTimes 100 Database and Database Management category. Read more: more →

Podcast: Emil Eifrem- From Having $2,000 Left In The Bank To Building A Billion Dollar Business

Emil Eifrem is the CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j which provides a graph platform that helps organizations make sense of their data by revealing how…read more →

Expect graph database use cases for the enterprise to take off

Major consumer-facing platforms including Amazon, LinkedIn and Netflix run large parts of their data architecture on graph databases. But the technology — which excels at…read more →

Graph technology — a powerful addition to the chief security officer’s arsenal

Illegal money in the international banking system has become a pressing issue for governments and the world’s financial institutions. To take just a couple of…read more →  

This Entrepreneur Went From Having $2,000 Left In The Bank To Building A Billion Dollar Business

Emil Eifrem isn’t your typical startup entrepreneur. Although he’s raised millions and is a technical founder, he launched his company not to start and sell…read more →

Malmöbolagets molnsättning: partnerskap med Google

Det stekheta Malmöbolaget Neo4j är ett techbolag har tagit fram en grafplattform som nu intar världen. Huvudkontoret är flyttat till San Francisco men utvecklingen finns…read more →

Trending in Database

To learn about the current and future state of databases, we spoke with and received insights from 19 IT professionals. We asked, “Are you seeing…read more →

Knowledge Graphs Are the New Black. The Year of the Graph Newsletter: May 2019

A key reason why graphs are seeing such adoption is the ability to use graph algorithms for analytics. Mark Needham and Amy E. Hodler from…read more →

Le Financial Times se tourne vers Neo4j pour connecter ses vastes ensembles de données

Le quotidien économique et financier britannique utilise la plate-forme de base de données graphiques Neo4j pour enrichir l’expérience de ses abonnés numériques et du personnel.…read more →

On Graph Algorithms and ML. Q&A with Amy Hodler and Mark Needham

Q1. You just released a free Ebook called Graph Algorithms: Practical Examples in Apache Spark and Neo4j. Who are the target readers for this book?…read more →

13 Great Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead in Life

Here are titles more than a dozen successful executives say helped them succeed in business and life. 10. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates…read more →
IT Pro Portal  

The network is a graph poised to help telecoms

Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem explains a new way of looking at data that will enable companies to better understand and problem-solve the components, services and behaviours…read more →

Financial Times turns to graph technology to connect its vast array of data

“Like a lot of other companies, at the FT a lot of important stuff runs on bits of tech which are are quite old, and…read more →

Graphdatenbanken im Kampf gegen Diabetes

Medizinische Daten sind heterogen, komplex und umfangreich. Das macht die Forschung an neuen Behandlungsmethoden und Medikamenten nicht gerade einfacher. Graphdatenbanken stellen hier die Weichen für…read more →

Understanding the maturing role of graph databases in the enterprise

However, a major paradigm shift towards graph by more general enterprises seems to be underway. The graph database platform, Neo4j, for example, claim 76% of…read more →

How Google Is Part of the Cloudification of Open Source

Picking “best of breed” open source databases to feature as managed services is a response to the on-going antagonism between open source and AWS that…read more →

Understanding the maturing role of graph databases in the enterprise

For organisations interested in adopting graph databases, there are a number of challenges to consider around upskilling existing staff and finding new streams of talent.…read more →

Bloor Mutable Award 2019

Bloor Research recognises Neo4j with in its recent Graph Database Market report. The Bloor Mutable Awards are presented to software vendors who enable organizations to…read more →

Graph databases gain momentum with public cloud providers Google and Microsoft

Two recent, related partnerships between highly specialised “graph” database developers and public cloud platform providers underscores the importance of specialised databases capable of surfacing insights…read more →

Neo4j: 2019 Big Data 100

The Coolest Big Data Management And Integration Software Of The 2019 Big Data 100 Neo4j provides the Neo4j Graph Platform including the Neo4j graph database,…read more →
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