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Graph Algorithms

Mit dem Buch über Graph-Algorithmen ist den Autoren eine verständliche Einführung in das Thema gelungen, die theoretische Grundlagen mit anschaulichen Praxisbeispielen verbindet. more →

People Analytics und Graphtechnologie – Von Daten und Menschen

Um im heiß umkämpften Arbeitsmarkt die besten Talente zu gewinnen , müssen Unternehmen Job-Profile umschreiben und neue Wege einschlagen. People Analytics hat sich hier zum…read more →  

Graph Databases Go Mainstream

By mid-2014, however, several key advances had all come together to give graph database technology its first of several boosts. Neo4J, an early and still…read more →

Anwendungsentwicklung mit Neo4j im Spring-Ökosystem

Dieser Text ist der erste Teil einer Reihe von Tutorien, die sich mit Graphdatenbanken im Allgemeinen und Neo4j im Speziellen beschäftigen. In den fast zwanzig…read more →

Lyft’s Amundsen: Data-Discovery with Built-In Trust

Lyft built Amundsen, a data-discovery application on top of a metadata repository to make it easier for data scientists and others to find and interact…read more →
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What do we mean when we say ‘context’? In essence, context is the information that frames something to give it meaning. Taken on its own,…read more →

Google’s Cloud AI Partners and How They Solve Big Problems

Currently, Google provides world-class Cloud infrastructure with a robust set of AI ML solutions to customers, built extensively to scale in today’s complex, hybrid Cloud…read more →

Wie misst man „Immersive Experiences”?

Auf Messen und Events bieten technische Gadgets wie VR und AR Kunden ein multisensorisches Markenerlebnis. Doch wie lassen sie sich messen und nutzen? more →

Gut gelagert

Nachdem jahrzehntelang relationale Datenbanken als Standard galten, stellte zunächst NoSQL, dann auch NewSQL bisherige DMBS-Architekturen grundsätzlich infrage. Wie ist der aktuelle Stand der Technik? more →

“Something much broader than compensation drives us.”—Emil Eifrem, Neo4j Founder — Interview

Emil first sketched the idea for the company on the back of a napkin during his flight to Mumbai in 2000. Today, the company is…read more →

Houston, we don’t have a problem – Understanding sentiment in space with NASA

NASA says graph is proving an ideal tool for helping improve astronaut experience on the International Space Station. Read more: more →

Podcast: Open Source Underdogs Episode 23: Neo4j – Graph Database Platform with Emil Eifrem

Emil Eifrem is the Co-Founder and CEO of Neo4j, a graph database management system. In this episode, Emil identifies key questions entrepreneurs must ask in…read more →

Developing a Small-Scale Graph Database: A Ten Step Learning Guide for Beginners

Fred Cheyunski, Independent Researcher A hands-on non-programmer’s introduction to initiating and using networked information analysis for knowledge acquisition and exploration. Among the various prominent GDB…read more →
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The Future of Digital Retail: Interconnected Customer Data

Graph database pioneer Emil Eifrem explains why firms needs to embrace highly-personalised, data-driven digital brand experiences Retailers are continually looking to help shoppers search for…read more →

Applying Graph Analytics to Game of Thrones

In this post, we review how organizations are integrating graph transactions and analytic processing and then dive deeper into graph algorithms. We’ll provide examples of…read more →

Graph Technology: AI’s Missing Link

Graph enhancements to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the landscape of intelligent applications. Beyond improving accuracy and modeling speed, graph technologies make building…read more →

Anti Money Laundering Mess? How To Outsmart Villains By Understanding Their Networks

Graph technology has the power to uncover questionable links through hidden patterns, argues Neo4j’s Emil Eifrem More than £90bn is estimated to be laundered illegally…read more →

How Advanced Analytics Is Helping to Flush Out Insurance Fraud

One of the more powerful ways that Verisk can track down fraudsters is by tracing the personal connections among the folks who file claims. It…read more →

Women Leading The AI Industry: “Visibility is key

As part of my series about the women leading the Artificial Intelligence industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Hodler, a network science devotee,…read more →

How to Incorporate Graph Analytics into Your Information Strategy

Once you have the basic understanding of how to structure the data associated with graph analysis and what use cases it can leverage, you must…read more →
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