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Spain's Era7 Bioinformatics – based on Bio4j – to Set Up Shop in Boston

Era7 Bioinformatics is a Bioinformatics company specialized in sequence analysis, knowledge management and sequencing data interpretation. Read the full article  (requires registration) Bio4j is a bioinformatics graph based DB (Neo4j). Learn more about Bio4j


Next Up: Google Science Fair for Student Project with Neo4j

High school students Paul Wagner and Till Speicher are now in the finals for the Google Science Fair 2012.  With more than 1000 competitors worldwide, Paul and Till’s Typology is one of 90 selected projects to be judged  on June… Read more →


Erfahren Sie mehr zu Neo4j in der Praxis anhand einer Kundenanwendung

Was sind eigentlich Graphdatenbanken – Was war die spezifische Kundenanforderung – Wie hat Neo Technology zum Kundenerfolg beigetragen – Warum hatte Neo Technology die richtige Technologie für das Kundenprojekt.  


SD Times: Graph databases are an alternative to Hadoop

SD Times has a new article out today on Big Data just getting Bigger. “Graph databases are appearing as an alternative to Hadoop and other data stores for Big Data. Neo Technology’s [CEO Emil] Eifrém said that his company’s flagship… Read more →



neo4jはJavaベースの組み込み型のグラフデータベースエンジンでスウェーデンのNeo Technologyが提供するオープンソースソフトウェアだ。 なお、neo4jはオープンソースソフトウェアだが、ライセンスはAGPLv3となっている。そのため、neo4jを使用してオンラインサービスなどを構築した場合もソースコードを公開する必要がある。これを回避するための商用ライセンスが提供されている。利用にあたっては注意してほしい。 neo4jの最新版は2010年2月にリリースされた1.0となっている。本稿ではこのバージョンを使用する。 neo4jのダウンロードページよりneo4j-kernel-1.0-binary.zipをダウンロードし、アーカイブに含まれているneo4j-kernel-1.0.jarとgeronimo-jta1.1spec-1.1.1.jarをクラスパスに追加すれば利用準備は完了だ。 Mavenで使用する場合はpom.xmlに以下の記述を追加すればよい。


Graphs in the Cloud: Spring + Neo4j on Heroku

James Ward from Heroku talks about running Java apps on Heroku using the Spring Framework and Neo4j. He then recaps with step by step code of what he demonstrated in the webinar. Get more details and code, on his blog.


Interactive Console for Neo4j

Neo4j console is a web-based graph that acts as an interactive tutorial, where you can import data and easily share it online using a simple link. This not only simplifies sharing your graph projects with others. Try it out here.


The Power of the Graph

Manuel Lima, senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing, explores the power of network visualization to help navigate our complex modern world.


How to get Neo4j graph database in GWT with eclipse running

Rene Pickhardt has posted a new video running Neo4j in GWT with eclipse. “It was basically very easy…have fun with it.”


Querying Stanley Kubrick: An Intro to Cypher

Alistair Jones introduces the deceptively simple yet demonstrably powerful expressions of the Cypher Query language. Considering the Cineasts movie dataset, he uses Cypher to ask simple questions like, “which actors appeared most often in Stanley Kubrick films?”  


Neo4j Spatial — Geo Data for the Rest of Us

Compelling location-based services require more than simple “what’s near me?” operations. The Open Street Map dataset is a perfect example of a rich geographically-based wiki that can be used for much more than map rendering. With Neo4j Spatial, any data… Read more →


Twitter Suggests Who To Follow with Interest Graph

TechCrunch covers Twitter building out the “Interest Graph.” This is the first sign of Twitter getting serious about building its own interest graph. This is the social network’s first big move that shows it following in the footsteps of Facebook,… Read more →


Neo4j in 3D Graph Visualization

Max De Marzi uses Three.js, a lightweight javascript library which renders 3D graph visualizations of Neo4j.  In his blog, he shows you how to build it with code samples, videos, and tutorials.


Case Study Video: Fit Studio

Prasanna Pendse from ThoughtWorks discusses FitStudio, a social fitness website built with Ruby on Rails and Neo4j. With this real use case, you can learn the benefits of graph databases for building your own social app.


With Neo4j, High School Students receive Top Awards in European Science Competition Finals

High school students, Till Speicher and Paul Wagner were honored with the 4th place prize at the "Jugend forscht" 2012 Finals, held in Erfurt, Germany on May 20.   Till and Paul presented their winning Typology system built with Neo4j which accelerates… Read more →


Case Study: Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran

Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran is a website and digital archive of materials related to the lives of women during the Qajar era, including writings, photographs, financial and legal documents, art work, and objects of daily use. The project’s team of… Read more →


Neo4j Heroku Challenge: Neo4j-Projekte stellen sich vor

Neo4j gehört sicherlich zu den interessantesten sogenannten NoSQL-Datenbanken auf dem Markt. Welche Blüten die Programmierung mit Neo4j hervorbringen kann, zeigt die gerade laufende Neo4j Heroku Challenge, in der spannende Neo4j-Projekte prämiert werden sollen. Es ging darum, Neo4j-Templates für die Heroku-Cloud oder… Read more →


Graphendatenbanken, NoSQL und Neo4j

Von den unterschiedlichen Datenmodellen ist seit den 80er Jahren das relationale Modell mit den zugehörigen relationalen Datenbanken die absolut vorherrschende Strömung mit Vertretern wie Oracle, MySQL und MSSQL. In letzter Zeit häufen sich jedoch die Fälle, bei denen die Verwendung von relationalen Datenbanken zu Schwierigkeiten sowohl… Read more →

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