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Neo4j -[:LOVES]-> Cypher

Cypher is a humane query language which is easy to read and understand. It borrows on other languages like SQL and SPARQL but brings it…read more →

Serious network analysis using Hadoop and Neo4j

Friso van Vollenhoven of Xebia uses a combination of Hadoop, Neo4j and browser based visualization and interactive tools to look at graphs, search for known…read more →

Neo Technology to Present at QCon New York 2012

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that Chief Architect Jim Webber and community member Peter Bell will deliver multiple…read more →

JAZOON'12: Graph Database Modeling with Neo4j – A Case Study

Jean-Pierre Bergamin & Werner Nickl, from Junisphere Systems AG, Switzerland will be presenting at JAZOON 2012 on 27 June in Zurich. We provide a methodology and a software suite…read more →

Network Inventory System with Neo4j

Neotropic details the database model and architecture of Kuwaiba, a network inventory system built with Neo4j. Details Kuwaiba provides an enterprise grade OSS (Operations and…read more →

Fraunhofer-Institut : Was man mit Graphendatenbanken alles machen kann

14 Juni ZEIT: 10:30 – ca. 16:30 Uhr TAGUNGSORT: Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD Fraunhoferstraße 5, 64283 Darmstadt (Zentraleingang, Räume im Erdgeschoss) 11:15 Pavlo Baron,…read more →

GraphConnect 2012: Exploring Innovation with Connected Data

First GraphConnect conference announced for November 5-6, 2012 in San Francisco Researchers worldwide are finding new ways to make sense of connected data Neo Technology…read more →

High Availability with Neo4j

Learn how to keep the lights on in a 24×7 production environment using Neo4j High Availability (HA). This video explains the benefits, use cases, and…read more →

Graph Data in QlikView

The TIQView Blog shows using graph data in a business intelligence / business discovery solution like QlikView to do some more business related analytics. The result is an…read more →

Seven Databases in Song

A harmonious way of learning about the seven NoSQL databases: PostgreSQL, Riak, HBase, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J and Redis. Check out Seven Databases in Seven more →

Graphity: Retrieving the Top 10K News Feeds per second with Neo4j

René Pickhardt, Webscience PhD student, University of  Koblenz,  presented at FOSDEM 2012 Graphity, a system which dynamically retrieve more than 10,000 temporal ordered news feeds per second…read more →

How Google and Microsoft taught search to "understand" the Web

Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica’s IT Editor, reveals the architecture of Google Knowledge Graph and Microsoft’s Satori Graph, which are both creating a ‘new world’ search…read more →

Neo4j Programmatic Tutorial at SplashCon 2012

Jim Webber, Chief Scientist, Neo Technology will be presenting a ‘Wavefront’ Tutorial: A Programmatic Introduction to Neo4j at this year’s SplashCon 2012. The workshop’s aims are…read more →

Not Only SQL, Not Only Hadoop

Manuel Sevilla, the Chief Technical Officer for the Global BIM TLI of Capgemini, writes that Big Data is not only Hadoop. NoSQL doesn’t mean No…read more →

NoSQL is the NewDB as RDBMS sails into the sunset

Andrew C. Oliver explores the end of the RDBMS era with the transition into NoSQL which he calls the “NewDB”. A decline for Oracle over…read more →

Engine Yard Data Interview on Neo4j

Engine Yard‘s Data Engineer Ines Sombra interviews Andreas Kollegger about the present and future of Neo4j, and how to get started. Topics include Working with…read more →

Neo4j on Windows Azure

Neo4j has a ‘j’ appended to the name. And now it is available on Windows Azure? This proves that in the most unlikely of circumstances sometimes beautiful…read more →

YarcData announces $100K Big Data Graph Analytics Challenge

YarcData is holding the contest to showcase the increasing applicability and adoption of graph analytics in solving Big Data problems. The contest is also intended…read more →
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