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New Google Knowledge Graph Gets Deeper into the Results

It’s all about the richness of connected data in Google’s new ‘Knowledge Graph’ which will enable users to locate the correct search results and discover new information…read more →

Why I'm Excited About Using Neo4j for a CMDB Backend

By Willie Wheeler Zkybase is my first open source configuration management database (CMDB) effort, but it’s not the first time I’ve built a CMDB. At work a bunch…read more →

Neo Technology Wins TiE50 2012 Award

Leading Graph Database Company Edges Out Over 2000 Entrants and 130 Finalists Worldwide to Earn Further Validation With Prestigious Award in Software Category Neo Technology,…read more →

Overview of NOSQL

Overview of NOSQL by Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. Emil is credited with inventing the phrase “Not Only SQL.”  read more →

Social Skills for Ruby Developers

Ruby developers tend to be a lonely bunch. Slumped over a Mac in a dimly lit corner of a warehouse turned open-workspace. Unable to approach…read more →

Tables to Graphs

For anyone used to relational databases, the notion of a graph database may seem mystifying, inappropriate or just downright wrong. Nigel Small demonstrates how to begin the transition…read more →

The Connectedness of Relationships

Max De Marzi has a great post on relationships. When working with relational databases, the join tables are sometimes treated as second class citizens. If…read more →

Neo4j Tutorials with Examples

A number of readers have asked about Neo4j Tutorials and examples. The good news is that there are tons of them out there. We have…read more →

The graph database market share leader?

Luca Garulli has published a post on the graph database market share. No one publishes revenue numbers, so he is relying on some second-order statistics.…read more →

Bloor Research: What's a graph? The next big thing!

Philip Howard of Bloor Research has published a great post on why graphs and graph databases may be “the next big thing.” The answer: Graph Databases…read more →

Moviepilot recommends movies faster with Neo4j

Moviepilot is a home for upcoming movies, and for movie fans around the world. Industry: Media Use Case: Recommendation Engine Moviepilot is revolutionizing the way…read more →

High School Students win First Place in National Competition with Neo4j Graph Database

BIG Congratulations to Paul Georg Wagner and Till Speicher, two German high school students  who won first place in the Jugend Forscht Hessen competition for their Typology…read more →

Video: Hardware Sizing for Neo4j

How much hardware is suitable for your particular deployment? David Montag discusses common use cases to demonstrate common hardware configurations to get key projects up…read more →

Enterprise improvements in Neo4j graph database update

With the release of the new version of Neo4j: 1.7, it introduces a number of improvements that is available for the GPL-licensed Community edition The…read more →

Neo4j 1.7 GA "Bastuträsk Bänk" released with Enterprise Turbo Package

Neo4j 1.7 GA, codenamed “Bastuträsk Bänk” is now generally available. The many improvements ushered in through milestones have been properly QA’d and documented, making 1.7…read more →
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