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Graph Technology: The Answer to Combating Fraud

Excerpt from article by Emil Eifrem for Stopping the fraudsters connections Fraud detection applications are not a new concept, but continuously changing techniques used by sophisticated fraud rings are making their detection far more difficult. Gartner cautions “Don’t consider… Read more →


Neo4j GraphConnect Europe Set to Deliver Top Flight Customer and Data Speakers

Royal Bank of Scotland, IBM, Financial Times and Constellation Research’s Andy Mulholland will join Neo Technology’s Emil Eifrem to discuss the future of graph and its move to the IT market mainstream LONDON, March 15, 2016: Neo Technology, creator of… Read more →

Professional Security Magazine Online  

Graph Technology is the Weapon Against Scammers

Article by Emil Eifrem for Professional Security Magazine Online UK businesses lose just under a hundred billion pounds every year to fraud, according to a report by the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies and accountancy firm PKF Littlejohn (… Read more →


Artfinder Personalises Recommendations with Neo4j graph database

Article written by Cliff Saran for Can a machine understand art? Not yet and maybe never, so the Artfinder art website took a different approach, using a Neo4j graph database instead Artfinder, the online marketplace for art, has revamped… Read more →


Lessons In Moving Your Startup Overseas To Silicon Valley

Article contributed by Emil Eifrem for Techcrunch As a CEO and immigrant worker (take that, Trump!), I always get asked about moving my company to Silicon Valley. I usually answer that I believe you can build a world-changing organization anywhere, but the job is always… Read more →

The Enterprisers Project  

Could graph databases help you get more out of your data?

Johan Svensson, CTO of Neo Technology, interviewed by Minda Zetlin for The Enterprisers Project The Enterprisers Project (TEP): Can you explain why graph databases are compelling? How do they differ from traditional databases? Svensson: Yes, I would love to. Graph databases… Read more →

Learn How the Yandell’s Car Insurance Fraud Was Detected and How Graph Databases Could Have Helped  

Why the Latest “Cash for Crash” Scandal Should Worry Us All

Emil Eifrem of Neo Technology says Welsh Police have done a fantastic job breaking a huge car insurance fraud ring. But was it purely by luck they started the work at all? The recent news that a criminal family may… Read more →


Master Data Management is Child’s Play for Toymaker Schleich

Excerpt from article featuring Master Data Management at toymaker Schleich for diginomica …the graph-database structure would allow Schleich to make better sense of the interdependencies and relationships that exist between product data. In other words, graph databases treat the connections… Read more →  

Graphdatenbanken in der Finanzwelt

by Holger Temme for> Warum in der Finanzbranche heute viele traditionelle SQL-Datenbanken an ihre Grenzen stoßen, erklärt Holger Temme, Regional Director, EMEA, Neo Technology in seinem Blog für Vertrauen stellt in der Finanzbranche einen besonderen strategischen Wert dar.… Read more →

Data Science Blog  

Data Science mit Neo4j und R

by Michael Hunger for Data Science Blog Tutorial für die Einbindung von Neo4J in die Programmiersprache R Traurig, aber wahr: Data Scientists verbringen 50-80% ihrer Zeit damit, Daten zu bereinigen, zu ordnen und zu bearbeiten. So bleibt nur noch wenig… Read more →

Learn about the First-Ever Neo4j Certification Now Available to Graph Database Professionals  

Neo Technology Announces the Neo4j Certification for Professionals

GraphAcademy Now Offers Online Neo4j Certification Exam SAN MATEO, Calif. – Feb. 2, 2016 – Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database, Neo4j, announced its first-ever Neo4j Certification for professionals. With the significant growth in deployments of Neo4j… Read more →

IT Jungle  

Neo and IBM Teaming Up to Solve Massive Graph Problems

Neo4j news from IT Jungle: What To Do With All Those Spare CPWs One of the most interesting big data-related developments to happen in the IBM Power world lately is the partnership created between Neo Technology and IBM last October.… Read more →


Graph Database Leader Neo Technology Declares Record 2015

Named “the most popular graph database” by Forrester & a firm fixture in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Neo continues to dominate the “fastest growing category in database management”  SAN MATEO, Calif. – Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database,… Read more →

Fourth Source  

What retailers can learn from the online dating industry

Excerpt of article contributed by Emil Eifrem in Fourth Source While the formulae for love may vary based on the dating site, they are all underpinned by data. This is where graph databases make a difference, with digital leaders like… Read more →


Januar 2016 – Graphdatenbanken Nachrichten Polyglotte Persistenz mit Neo4j und MongoDB Was man sich unter “polyglotter Persistenz” vorstellen kann, erläutert Holger Temme in seinem aktuellen Blog für Ein kleiner Reiseführer für so genannte NoSQL-Datenbanken soll den parallelen Einsatz von verschiedenen Datenbank-Architekturen in einer… Read more →

IDG Connect  

‘Lagom’ at Neo Technology and in Silicon Valley

An interview with Lars Nordwall, COO of Neo Technology “At Neo Technology’s offices in various countries we strive to offer our employees a work environment where they get time with family and friends, knowing that once in a while they… Read more →


Smart fraud detection needs a fresh data approach

ComputerWeekly guest blogpost by Emil Eifrem Unlike most other ways of looking at data, graph databases are designed to exploit relationships in data, which means they can uncover patterns difficult to detect using traditional representations such as tables. And although… Read more →


2016 Trends in Marketing Technology

A note in a recent article on Venture Beat – 10 text, sentiment, and social analytics trends for 2016 Deeper insights from networks plus content This is both a 2016 trend point and most of the title I gave to… Read more →

Emil Eifrém of Neo Technology, speaking at GraphConnect San Francisco  

Why Graph Technology Is Ready For Its Close Up In 2016

Prediction 1: The Graph Technology Space Will Heat Up While graphing as a concept has been used since the 1700s, Eifrem thinks graph analytics is only now “on the cusp of going mainstream.” “We’ve seen adoption amongst not just early… Read more →


LeanXcale launches hybrid database based on open source underpinnings

The startup, which was spun off of research at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, claims to have built a highly scalable clustered database that can handle both transactions and analytics. Read the full article here

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