Iron Foundry is an open source project that extends Cloud Foundry™ to the .NET ecosystem by providing services, installers, and developer tools.

Neo4j is an open-source, NoSQL graph database. While many of us are familiar with the other types of NoSQL databases (document databases like MongoDB, or key-value stores like Redis), graph databases are a bit more obscure. Graph databases put a high priority on the relationships between objects and makes it easy to query these relationships. In fact, it’s often much easier than querying relationships in a relational database! The “things” in a graph database are called a node, and the “relationships” are called edges. The Neo4j database is Java-based and stores its data on disk. It’s designed to be very fast and also ACID transaction compliant. The database itself can be embedded within an application or deployed as a full-fledged standalone server. While the API places a premium on Java, developers can also access it through an HTTP/REST interface. Data queries are executed using the Cypher Query Language which is designed for efficient traversal of graphs.

When to use it?

This database will be a great choice for Iron Foundry applications that place a premium on relationships between schema-less data structures. That means that this will be a good fit for social networks, genome analysis, recommendation algorithms and more. Read the full article.