Open Corporate bases its network on Neo4j

We’ve often heard company hierarchies and networks referred to as the Holy Grail of business information. That’s not just a recognition of the value and importance of this data. It’s also that it’s really difficult to find… and to collect, and to make usable too. What’s more, where this does exist as a dataset it’s not only expensive, and tied up in restrictive proprietary licences, it’s also Black Box Data – that is, data that you just have to take on trust, without knowing where it came from, or how recently it was retrieved. This, despite the fact that most of this data comes from official sources, either from data held by company registers, from various regulatory data, or from company’s statutory filings. This is pretty much exactly the sweet spot for open data – pulling together data from different sources, maintaining the provenance, and increasing access for the benefit of all. So we were delighted when the Alfred P Sloan Foundation last year gave OpenCorporates a grant to build an open data version of this dataset, and since late last year we’ve been working hard on tackling this problem. Today, we’re excited to publicly launch three things. Read the Full Article Here.