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Can a machine understand art? Not yet and maybe never, so the Artfinder art website took a different approach, using a Neo4j graph database instead

Artfinder, the online marketplace for art, has revamped its home page with a recommendation engine powered by the Neo4j graph database to give art lovers personal recommendations on their home page. The three-year-old site for affordable art, which has 6,000 artists across 97 countries, and half a million users, wanted to present to customers works of art that matched their tastes.

Key highlights

The My Artfinder recommendation engine began running in early January 2015. It was officially launched on 23 February. The graph database allows Artfinder to constantly develop its understanding of what customers do and do not like. Tilleyshort said: “We built 15 million relationships over two years.”

He added that Artfinder can now present more art work to people on their personal home pages. “Customers can go down a rabbit hole and follow more artists, which means we get more relevant relationships going forward and also improve our customer engagement.”

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