Big Data Shines a Light on Bad Actors, But Shadows Remain

This week’s publication of the Pandora Papers–which the International Consortium of International Journalists based on a trove of private data leaked from offshore tax havens–showcased the alarming extent of fraud and corruption in the world. While big data tech like graph analytics and machine learning can help to a shine light on bad actors, we’ll always be playing catch up, fraud hunters tell Datanami.

As with earlier ICIJ investigations–including the FinCEN files in 2020, the West Africa Leaks in 2018, and the original Panama Papers in 2016, among others–the journalists turned to big data software to help connect the dots. The tech stack ultimately deployed by the ICIJ included Neo4j’s graph database, graph visualization tools from Linkurious, and a healthy dollop of Python for machine learning, including scikit-learn and Fondeur.

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