Philip Howard from Bloor Research has published his new post on Neo4j. He calls Neo4j “…the leading and most well-known commercial vendor in the graph database market.” If you haven’t heard of Bloor, it’s one of the leading analyst firms in Europe. He goes on to explain that “Neo4j is not only suitable for running queries against relationships but also for transaction processing. Thus, it is both ACID compliant and supports XA-compliant two-phase commit.” Philip also talks about master data management. One company he has analyzed “had previously implemented MDM on Oracle RAC but the number of relationships and hierarchies that had to be managed was so large and complex that, in the words of the CIO, performance was killing us”. He wraps up
A relational database is very good for transaction processing where the queries are understood in advance and you can pre-determine they types of queries and you can design the tables to support those kind of queries. However, where these queries are not predictable the schema-free approach provided by graph databases can bring significant benefit.
Read the full article. It’s worth it.  


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