Article originally posted on Computer Weekly

Slack, a team collaboration tool launched in 2013, has come up in a few interviews Computer Weekly has done with Silicon Valley executives this year. The late Dave Goldberg, then CEO at Survey Monkey, and Emil Eifrem, CEO at Neo Technology, mentioned it.

Users left cold by traditional enterprise software

Eifrem made a similar point about Slack, which has taken off in the Valley because it is “practitioner led”, he said. Eifrem bemoaned “tools that look great on PowerPoint when presented to the CIO, but don’t actually work out well when they get into the hands of the people who use them every day”.

This would suggest that successful collaboration tools are much more likely to be born and flourish inside a particular working culture than to be seeded from above by an enterprise software supplier. In other words, they are more likely to come out of work that is, and has to be, done in common, rather than from software that abstractly emulates Facebook and Twitter.

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