A new index from Jaspersoft lets us know who are the big cheeses when it comes to Big Data

It’s a Top 20 with the difference – it’s not the latest pop tunes but the leading Big Data downloads. And top of the data pops is Hadoop Hive, the SQL interface to Hadoop MapReduce with 60 percent of all downloads. The Big Data Index, which has been put together by BI vendor, Jaspersoft, has been set up to capture all the data connector downloads between January 2011 and January 2012.  While Hadoop Hive has grabbed the top spot from Hadoop HBase the fastest mover in the index has been MongoDB, the NoSQL database, with a whopping 200 percent increase in the past year. Other connectors featured in the chart include Cassandra, Riak, Infinispan, Neo4J, Redis, CouchDB and VoltDB. Read the full article.