Max Niederhofer and Chris Barchak are looking into local VC’s, especially Nordic ones for possible investments.

When startups or VC’s recruit a new team member, it is normally not newsworthy per say. However when the news has profound implications for the region, such as the time when Max Niederhofer joined Sunstone Capital, this is definitely something to write about. We were just told that a similar move was made by Chris Barchak, who will be joining the Finland based based Conor VC as a Partner. Barchak was previously a Principal at Fidelity Growth Partners Europe in London and an associate at Index Ventures. Both of them have very respectable portfolios. FGPE has investments in Alibaba, and the Swedish Neo Technology while Index Ventures invested in Facebook, Skype, MySQL and more recently they led €100 million round into Supercell. Barchak is not new to the Nordic region, he is originally from Finland and also led the $10.6M A round and $11M B round in Neo Technology, where both Conor and FGPE were investors. His main focus at Conor will be to find and build global winners emerging from Nordics and Baltics, on which Barchak commented: “In many ways, this move is a return to my roots, both personal and professional. Having been born in Finland, and beginning my investment career in early stage technology venture capital, I am excited to join the Conor team to help fully realize the enormous potential of Nordic entrepreneurs.” Although it is of course great that Barchak will be bringing a lot of experience to the Conor team, the real story here is that the Nordics is becoming more attractive of a region for investors. With Max Niederhofer and now Barchak making decisions to join local VC’s, it is a sign that they see a particular appeal in the Nordics. read the Full Article Here.