Could Darwinbox Become The Next Workday?

This month Darwinbox, an HR Tech company, received $72 Million in funding at a billion-dollar valuation. And while the company is still relatively new (founded in 2015), it may be the “next Workday” Josh Bersin has been searching for over the last few years.

When you first look at the system, it looks like an iPhone with hundreds of apps built-in. This is because the system is built on micro-services and a graph database (Neo4j) and is designed to accommodate any organization structure, mini-apps, and a multitude of views, reports, approvals, and workflows.

The core system, unlike most ERP systems, leverages a graph database (Neo4j). As Bersin wrote about a few years ago, a graph database is a much better representation of a real company than a relational system. People have hierarchical relationships, but these are really the “formal” structures. Real work happens in teams, projects, cross-functional programs, and customer or product teams. Darwinbox can easily manage and monitor these groups, and you can set up performance plans, goals, and other workflows that cross hierarchical boundaries easily.

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