Powered by Neo4j, Jízdomat, an online rideshare service, enables 45,000 Czech carpoolers to find and connect to their rides faster.

Neo4j is an open-source graph database that stores easily connected data and performs calculations on them. It is suitable for modeling and querying highly complex and interconnected networks. One example of the meaningful use of this tool in practice Jízdomat for whose development is Jan Mittner of web studio Vergilio. “Mutual connect people in the community Jízdomatu we tried to show from the beginning, because no doubt this is another way to increase your credibility at first sight strangers. However, if the calculation was only relations of friendship between the users and we omitted their personal history tours and evaluation. Moreover, as the number of users grew, the calculation did not already realize the old way. We were looking for new opportunities and therefore inclined to use technology Neo4j, which in this respect much faster, more flexible and with greater functionality, “said John Mittner circumstances. Now the system works so that the relationships in classical relational database (friendship among users who with whom, and how many times rode in the car) creates a network graph in Neo4j, where vertices are users and edges of different types of relationships between them. “Every relationship has also its importance. For example, those who are traveling together on a regular basis are more important. It is then taken into account when the system tries to answer the question, over whom two users can get to know and so any reference to each other. A key feature is the ability to quickly calculate precisely the path between users, whether they are remote from one another or even one step six, “adds Jan Mittner. Currently, the database handles 45,000 nodes and many hundreds of thousands of edges between them, which speeds the calculations are in the order of tens to hundreds of milliseconds. Read the original article on Zive. Více na: https://www.zive.cz/tiskove-zpravy/jizdomat-dohleda-vazby-mezi-uzivateli-vyuziva-databazi-neo4j/sc-5-a-167473/default.aspx#utm_medium=selfpromo&utm_source=zive&utm_campaign=copylink