What level of technical expertise is required by a data scientist to install a graph database?

Alicia Frame: We’re all about making graph databases approachable and accessible to everyone. To get started with Neo4j, you can download Neo4j desktop and have a graph database up and running with a few clicks. If you don’t want to install anything, you can use Aura – our cloud offering — and get up and running with no set up at all.

Once you’ve got Neo4j installed, Cypher (our graph query language) and libraries like our Graph Data Science library are pretty simple to learn. We have browser guides like `:play movies` or `:play graph-data-science` to teach you the basics, and tons of resources on our developer pages.

Graph databases should be accessible to anyone who has graphy data. You don’t need a PhD in network science or to spend six months in a bootcamp just to learn to write a query.

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