With the release of the new version of Neo4j: 1.7, it introduces a number of improvements that is available for the GPL-licensed Community edition

The Neo4j Team has released version 1.7 of its open source NoSQL graph database. Code-named “Bastuträsk Bänk”, the new version of Neo4j introduces a number of improvements and is available as a GPL-licensed Community edition, or as AGPL-licensed Advanced or Enterprise editions – the Advanced version includes monitoring, while the Enterprise edition also adds live backup and high availability. Neo4j 1.7 includes improvements for dealing with high-volume requests in enterprise deployments such as the new GCR cache in the Enterprise Edition that, according to developer Peter Neubauer, is “10x faster and accommodates 10x more primitives”. It “smooths out the rough spots” when processing large graphs with thousands of simultaneous user operations by using thread safe operating to manage a fixed amount of memory. Neubauer says that, while other other cache types are “almost maintenance free” and good for general use, GCR “can achieve more consistent responsiveness when tuned correctly”. Read the Full Article Here.