Originally posted on Dataversity

NoSQL and Graphs

Some of the more exciting and recent developments within the MDM space include the incorporation of such hubs with NoSQL technologies. Vendors have experimented with key value stores, document stores and, more eminently, graph databases as a means of highlighting the sort of relationships that are an integral aspect of any MDM solution or program. Graph databases in particular are designed to illustrate relationships between customers, products, points of interaction, and other data elements. They tend to do so in a semantic way that is attuned to how humans process and view relationships. This human aspect of graphs is enhanced with NLP.

Options for incorporating graphs with MDM include utilizing hubs that are based on these stores (Pitney Bowes Spectrum MDM) and creating a customized, tailored solution in which one leverages MDM with any variety of graph database providers (such as Neo Technology and its seminal Neo4J). Additionally, third-party governance vendors (Global IDs) can provide the means for companies to build their own graphs. Graph stores were originally created as a way for accommodating Big Data sets—their incorporation with MDM solutions helps facilitate the integration of Big Data with Mater Data and using Master Data to inform Big Data.