Facebook recently announced the ability to add the ‘Like’ functionality to mobile applications developed with the Open Graph. Now, mobile users can ‘Like’ more than a Facebook fan page, they can like an Instagram photo or song they listened to on Spotify. In an article on Techcrunch, Facebook’s Hidden “Like” Isn’t Just Good For Mobile Developers, It’s Good For Facebook, this is great news for Facebook and it’s advertisers since it can better target ads based on your ‘Like’ activity.
The user then sees ads for vacations and cruises on Facebook. A user “Likes” a friend’s Starbucks check-in in Foursquare, but has never “Liked” Starbucks’ fan page on Facebook. Now Starbucks knows to show them ads and deals. It’s the re-creation of the tracking cookie’s capabilities in a “web” where people surf mobile applications, not websites. And what could it become? The possibilities are mind-boggling. You “Like” photos of beaches, you launch a travel app to book plane tickets for a work trip and find Caribbean vacation packages are now on sale. Coincidence, or “Like” tracking?
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