Excerpt from article written by Navneet Mathur, Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j for Datanami.

Turn GDPR Compliance Pain into Opportunities:

Empower customers: With all data mapped, any company complying with GDPR should be able to provide customers with easy, self-service access to their private data stored in your enterprise systems. This benefit is an easy way to endear customers to you. Take the time and go the extra step to not just prepare for GDPR compliance, but to also utilize the new technology to deliver an improved customer experience on an ongoing basis.

Improve privacy and cybersecurity: Trace the lineage of personal data from its acquisition to its deletion to enhance your customers privacy and sense of security. Organizations will also be able to improve transparency with regulators, thanks to the ability to visualize proof of personal data flows. Without investing in data mapping technology, this level of security for your customers is not possible.

Empower your teams and boost internal productivity: By identifying connections within your data, organizations can use this information data to test the effects of changes in onboarding new subjects, obtaining their consent, staffing customer service teams, detecting customer service anomalies and other tactical initiatives. This will also enable internal teams to be more efficient and allow for more time to focus on other projects.

Uncover new revenue opportunities: While GDPR is incurring organization expenses now, this also represents an opportunity to discover new sales channels and possibilities. With connected personal data across the enterprise, organizations will be able to better understand customers and serve them more effectively. In addition, the ability to identify new revenue sources, improve service levels and uncover hidden opportunities will be unlocked with the right technology.

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