Fuseworks is a SaaS platform for news and media organizations to streamline their production process, based on press releases and related content.

Industry: Web Media Services Use Case: Digital Asset Management
In media, there is now more raw content available than ever before. The question is: how do you find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly and efficiently? Fuseworks, with clients like Yahoo! New Zealand and the New Zealand Herald, is a SaaS platform for news and media organizations that streamlines their news production processes, based on press releases and related content. Fuseworks’ media center sources and sorts published news, press releases and social media by context, in real time. Journalists have instant access to breaking news and alerts from companies, governments, media and the public, in a matter that is directly valuable to their stories.

Neo4j outpaces other Database Solutions

When Fuseworks CTO Bryce Ewing started to look for a technology backend solution for the company, he needed a database that would efficiently link different types of information together, and provide the ability to visualize related articles with relevant people and places. Testing against Cassandra and relational databases, Neo4j came out first. Comparing Neo4j to Cassandra, Neo4j had a superior API. Held up against relational databases, data was more simple to adjust within Neo4j. All in all, Ewing “found that Neo4j gave better flexibility and better performance when looking for relationships between content.”

Flexibility for Unstructured Data

Fuseworks now has Neo4j fully implemented, and provides the agility to store high amounts of data, while still fitting to new and ongoing data requirements. Neo4j caters to Fuseworks’ unstructured data and eliminates the worry of introducing new tables to a database. These two elements have given the organization flexibility and useful insights into its data.
“I’m very happy with our choice, we have found things that we otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, if it wasn’t for Neo4j. It provides us with the level of flexibility and functionality that we want to provide for our modern solution to the news industry.”