does this conference [NoSQL Now!] need to exist any longer? Of course, the show itself is not the real reason NoSQL Now! is doomed. The real reason is the topic. It’s too broad. There were a few good talks, mind you: Neo Technologies certainly had a packed house to discuss its graph database, and MongoDB CEO Dwight Merriman is always fun to hear speak. But too many of the other talks were just straight up sales pitches, or even worse, book pitches. … Their [Neo Technology] graph database was the absolute belle of the NoSQL Now! ball. Their booth and talks were packed, and they had plenty of interest and buzz from everyone. Of course, this is a graph database. It has nothing to do with MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, Riak or Apache Cassandra. It’s a very specific tool for doing very specific things, like shortest path calculations or social network-type stuff. Why is this being demonstrated at a show where we’re looking at SQL replacements, key-value stores and document stores? … It’s time to redefine NoSQL, and it’s time to end this conference. All three major players now host their own conferences, and all three of them told me that they’d had more people at their database-specific user conferences than attended the whole of NoSQL Now!
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