Google Cloud is partnering with leading open source-centric companies in the area of data management and analytics because “we want GCP to be the best environment for building applications,” Manvinder Singh, Google’s head of infrastructure partnerships, told reporters last week.

If that means using MongoDB Atlas, for instance, “we’re happy to support that,” he said. In keeping with Google’s tradition of supporting the open source community, “we believe in an approach that is collaborative, not combative,” Singh said.

In addition to MongoDB, Google is forging key strategic relationships with Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, Neo4j and Redis Labs. The partnerships will offer fully-managed services running in the cloud, with best efforts made to optimize performance and latency between the service and application. Customers will get a unified user interface for app management, including the ability to provision and manage the service from the Google Cloud Console. They’ll also get unified billing, with one invoice from Google Cloud that includes the partner’s service. Google will also offer Cloud support for most of the partners.

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