No one does open source better than Google. While Microsoft may have more employees contributing to open source, Google projects like Kubernetes and TensorFlow are reshaping entire industries, helping the world to “run like Google.” As such, it’s perhaps not surprising that the company would announce today that it has assembled a who’s who of open source vendors, including MongoDB, Confluent, and DataStax, to run its software as wholly managed services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

…Google is giving existing and prospective customers an all-in-one platform to get all their favorite data management and analytics vendors (Confluent, MongoDB,, Neo4j, Redis Labs, InfluxData, and Datastax) in a single place, coupled with existing Google offerings like BigQuery. While some of these vendors (like MongoDB) already have excellent managed services, the prospect of being able to process and analyze enterprise data in one place, while centralizing the user interface, billing, and support, is tasty, indeed.

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