Join the first GRADES workshop (Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems)

Sunday, June 23 in New York Info and Registration: Grades is co-sponsored by, the Linked Data Benchmark Council, partnered by Neo Technology. The workshop is intended as a meeting place for practitioners in the field of graph data management, that is, vendors/creators of graph data management systems and users of such systems. This crowd of practitioners will meet the database research community, present for their annual SIGMOD/PODS conference that kicks off that same evening. Graph (and RDF) data management research has gained a lot of attention in the database research community in the pas years. In addition to this invitation, attendees may contribute to GRADES by co-authoring a short paper on applying graph data management technology to real-life applications, such as life science analytics, social network marketing, digital forensics, telecommunication network analysis and digital publishing. If you have such experiences to share, or simply want more information, please contact Alex Averbuch (, or contact the LDBC (