Neo Technology and Eweek showcases 12 companies that use graph search in diverse enterprise applications.

Back on Jan. 15, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Graph Search as a strategic addition to the social network’s feature set. This brought widespread attention to a technology that’s been around awhile but is now coming into its own as a useful tool for mainstream users. Facebook’s Graph Search is a real-time search mechanism that enables users to quickly find content—and not just Web links—they have touched at some point in their Facebook tenures. Every iota of content inside a user’s account, and thus in the Facebook data centers, is linked and can be summoned up by query. This is not a typical Google, Bing or Yahoo search, which gathers up thousands or millions of links and simply presents them as possible answers to a search term. Queries in Graph Search can fetch photos, videos, links, documents—anything the user has touched or shared, or had shared with—on Facebook from the first day the user joined the social network. Google’s Knowledge Graph and Twitter’s Interest Graph also use graphs for search. Besides social networks, enterprises are putting graph search to work for everything from recommendation engines to network and cloud management to content management to fraud detection along with an increasing variety of other uses.