Originally posted by Philip Howard

“The most notable feature of Neo4j 2.2 is the introduction of a cost-based optimiser. According to the company this results in as much as two orders of magnitude performance improvements for appropriate queries. Unlike some of the other things mentioned in this article this does not surprise me: there is a good reason why the optimisers in all the leading relational databases are cost based. However, not all queries are affected by cost statistics (Neo estimates around 20%) or, at least, it is not clear what statistics are relevant in these cases. For the time being, Neo is therefore continuing to use its previous rules-based approach for these queries with the software deciding which approach is most appropriate. Over time it is likely that statistics will be applied more and more widely. In association with the new optimiser the company has also launched a visual query capability that allows you to view (and amend if you really want to) query plans. Previously this was all hidden away as a black box.”

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