Excerpt from Infoworld article – Grand stack aims to simplify data-intensive app development

The Grand stack combines a set of technologies geared toward scalable applications and the use of JavaScript. The stack has integrations between GraphQL and Neo4j to make it easier for developers to use the two together. GraphQL defines a strict schema that is used as a blueprint for an API. Integration with Neo4j allows that schema to drive the database model and translate GraphQL queries to Cypher.

The Grand stack also enables more complex graph traversal. Developers do not have to implement resolver functions for the GraphQL server because they are provided by using the stack, based on the schema. Resolver functions define how to fetch data in a GraphQL server implementation, either from a database or an API.

The stack itself still is in development; the Neo4J-GraphQL integration remains in beta, for example, and tighter integration with the database is sought. Development of role-based access to the schema fields is part of this plan.

Components of the stack, all open source, include:

  • The GraphQL query language and runtime for building APIs, developed by Facebook.
  • Facebook’s React JavaScript library for building UIs.
  • The Apollo suite of tools for building GraphQL workflows.
  • The Neo4j graph database, enabling data modeling real-time querying via the Cypher language.

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