Graphs as a foundational technology stack: Analytics, AI, and hardware

How would you feel if you saw demand for your favorite topic — which also happens to be your line of business — grow 1,000% in just two years’ time? Vindicated, overjoyed, and a bit overstretched in trying to keep up with demand, probably.

Although Emil Eifrem never used those exact words when we discussed the past, present, and future of graphs, that’s a reasonable projection to make. Eifrem is chief executive officer and cofounder of Neo4j, a graph database company that claims to have popularized the term “graph database” and to be the leader in the graph database category.

Eifrem and Neo4j’s story and insights are interesting because through them we can trace what is shaping up to be a foundational technology stack for the 2020s and beyond: graphs.

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