Excerpt of article published on HealthcareDive.com.

Hospitals must be on constant alert to identify and prevent fraud.

Increasingly, organized rings are colluding to commit healthcare fraud, requiring hospitals and health systems to adopt increasingly sophisticated tools crack them.

Neo Technologies’ Neo4j software gathers data and presents as a set of related events. “The idea is that if you know how two data points are related, you can use that information to make a variety of decisions and, in this case, identify fraud,” says Utpal Bhatt, vice president of marketing at the San Mateo, CA-based firm.

“A lot of our customers in this space are finding that they always had the data. What they didn’t have was the ability to see the connections in the data,” says Bhatt. With the aid of Neo4j, they can chart that relationship and gain insights that help them detect fraud rings and prevent it from occurring, he adds.

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