Using cutting-edge technology like Neo4j to understand new ways of working.

Automotive giant Daimler is using Neo4j’s graph database technology in its HR department. ZDNet spoke to Jochen Linkohr, the manager of HR IT at Daimler, to find out more.

Linkohr: We created our Leadership 2020 programme at Daimler. We are transforming as a company from the classical, hierarchical structure to a mixture of classic hierarchies and what is called a ‘swarm’ which is a mixture of the same people working on the same project but coming from different departments and different hierarchies.

And we thought that when dealing with this multi-structured data, it might be a good starting point for using graphs because we have a lot of structures being transformed to other structures because somebody wants to know who is working in a swarm.

So, if somebody wants to know who is working on a swarm and in which structure, in which factory and things like that, then at some point you have to manage this data. We thought that this would be a good starting point to create a system that would be doing this.

This was the starting point for the first project which is called Structure Cube.

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