Picking “best of breed” open source databases to feature as managed services is a response to the on-going antagonism between open source and AWS that has practical and commercial advantages. But Google is also tapping into the shift to cloud that open source needs to make in order to deliver what enterprise customers need. The New Stack talked to leaders of the open source organizations that Google is working with to understand whether this is more than just co-selling.

If the data you want to use in a database is already stored on that cloud, another benefit, pointed out Emil Eifrem, CEO & co-founder of graph database provider Neo4j, is that “data has gravity,” he said.

The association with Google tools like TensorFlow is excellent branding for Neo4j, he noted. “This is something where a good strategy for the larger cloud vendor, Google, fits with the strategy of the open source community. What we’ve got is a 20-year decomposition of an Oracle, DB2, SQL database infrastructure into targeted, horses-for-courses siloed databases like graph databases, search databases, or time series. This feels like the right intervention at the right time.”

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