How graph data science is helping the fight against COVID-19

Graph database vendor Neo4j, based in San Mateo, Calif., is helping researchers with its Graph4Good project, which uses Neo4j’s namesake graph database for research about COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

On April 8, Neo4j took its efforts a step further with the release into general availability of its Neo4j for Graph Data Science system, which combines the Graph Data Science Library, Neo4j Bloom for visualization, the core Neo4j graph database, plus premium support.

Graph Data Science is a layer on top of the Neo4j graph database that brings together machine learning algorithms and data science to predict and analyze relationships. It’s a capability that is of particular interest to Alexander Jarasch, head of data and knowledge management at the German Center for Diabetes Research (called the Deutsches Zentrum für Diabetesforschung, or DZD) in Neuherberg, Germany.

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