Why augmented reality e-marketing agency Quander likes the way this way of working with data offers ‘the chance to ask your data really random questions you hadn’t thought about’. Seems like Quander – whose other named clients include YouTube, Samsung and Snickers – is another convert, then, of the list of companies who say graph, a way to model complex systems as a network using mathematical concepts originally laid down by maths genius Euler in the 18th century, offers them truly new ways of both working with and visualising information at scale, says Williams: We are now starting to roll out the new core software in a Kubernetes cluster so we can move pretty easily to working with potentially billions of nodes. We also like how we can build a really good API with a graph back-end. Read more: https://diginomica.com/how-graph-offered-a-eureka-moment-for-a-uk-smb/