Sure graph databases are really cool and have a timestamp dated next week, but do you know when you should actually use one? Sometimes living on the bleeding edge pays off and in this talk, I’ll show you how you can simplify your application and model your data more naturally with a graph database. They are suited towards a specific problem that is actually quite common in today’s applications and they may even apply to that thing you’ll be working on during this talk! Born in El Salvador, Rogelio started tinkering with computers when his dad gave him a Tandy in the early 80’s. He is passionate about using Computer Science to solve complex problems. He also thinks these things are rad: Vim, Ruby, Rails, Linux, Open Source Software, Marsupials, short walks on the beach (with his wife), and playing the guitar and singing made-up songs to his son. He loves Middle Eastern cuisine and dislikes talking about himself in the third person.

– Rogelio Samour – RuLu 2012