Jean-Pierre Bergamin & Werner Nickl, from Junisphere Systems AG, Switzerland will be presenting at JAZOON 2012 on 27 June in Zurich.
We provide a methodology and a software suite that helps companies to proactively manage their critical business processes and monitor their IT services end-to-end in real-time. The underlying data model that represents the monitored business processes and IT services forms a graph. This graph structure models all dependencies between the business processes, IT services and the underlying IT infrastructure components and the data flow between them. While looking for ways to persist such a data model, we became aware of graph databases. We soon were convinced that this “new” kind of database technology would be of great help to model our domain and we decided to use Neo4j – the probably best known exponent of this kind of NoSQL databases. Our case study shall give attendees an impression of how graph databases (especially Neo4j) can by of great use to model complex domains and which benefits but also what challenges can be expected when using this new technology. Based on our specific domain, we will give a very short introduction to graph databases (that model property graphs as Neo4j does), to Neo4j itself and to the Spring Data Neo4j library which is a convenient abstraction layer in the Spring environment.
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