Junisphere makes sure that companies are able to proactively manage their critical business processes and IT services end-to-end and monitor them real-time.

Industry: Business IT Management Use Case: Master Data Management
Companies rely on thousands of hardware and software pieces in order to conduct business day to day. Something as simple as logging a customer support call requires tools such as a phone, its service provider, a computer, a support documentation service, and a server that connects the business network together. This extensive network of moving parts gets complex very quickly. Junisphere provides a business view of this IT network for executives, in order to optimize workflows and processes. Junisphere monitors, measures, and reports these IT networks and maps it to upper IT services and business processes, for companies in all sectors, where the management of business reality is the key to their success. From the data that Junisphere gathers, business executives can quickly decide on workflow optimization and changes, in order to facilitate a strong and efficient workplace and high customer satisfaction.

A Network Problem

When Junisphere decided to reconfigure the application from scratch, they inherently knew that they needed a database that reflects the need to make complex network management simple. In essence, Junisphere realized that network management is a graph problem, and began looking for a database that solves these types of issues.

A Graph Solution

Junisphere began looking at different types of NoSQL databases (MongoDB, CouchDB, OrientDB, Neo4j), with the requirement that “the database was fast enough to handle lots of real-time data, ” stated by Jean-Pierre Bergamin,  senior developer at Junisphere. In order to make their decision, they had to be sure that this database could receive 2000 measurements per second, and update the data immediately. After a proof-of-concept, Junisphere was able to gauge Neo4j’s speed and API, and experience the convenience of Spring Data Neo4j’s API, and decided that a sensible combination of Spring Data Neo4j and Neo4j was the right database for Junisphere.

Whiteboard Friendliness

One of the key benefits that Junisphere has experienced with Spring Data Neo4j, is the fact that “their business and enterprise consultants now speak the same language, and can model the domain with the database on a 1:1 ratio.” When business consultants speak with members of the Junisphere team, the consultants can see their model within the database, and there is no time lost in translation. This provides an added sense of trust, transparency, and confidence between the two parties.