Excerpt of article, Using Data with Confidence: A Use-case on Neo4j’s Knowledge Graphs on Martech Advisor.

Pieter Visser from the University of Washington and Aaron Wallace from Pitney Bowes share insights on how they are tapping into the power of Neo4j’s knowledge graphs to get a 360-degree view of customers no matter where or how they are interacting with your enterprise organization.

How has tapping into the power of Neo4j’s knowledge graphs helped you get a 360-degree view of your data?

Once we stored business and technical metadata in a knowledge graph and then created relationships between them, we were able to have an ontological, semantic view of our data environment. Through our intuitive web interface, users can easily search, locate and use the information that’s truly relevant to them. They can answer questions about the data, like determining what data is available, whether it’s suited for their purpose and where to go for more information. — Pieter

As with metadata, understanding connections between concrete data items and records is essential to leveraging enterprise data as an asset to drive key strategic priorities. Connections between customers on personal or organizational levels, connections between customers and other organizations, connections between customers and different elements of a product or service mix – all are great examples of expanding a traditional customer profile to a richer set of relationships that can drive true insight — Aaron

How has Neo4j’s graph database technology fit into the rest of your tech stack and strategy?

We have several Neo4j projects that are currently in development or proof of concept stage, such as

  • Metadata and Master Data Management
  • Graph Analysis of HR Data
  • Data Access Control
  • Risk Management

We believe in using the right tool to solve the right problem. Neo4j is absolutely the best solution for some projects – but for others, we still use relational or NoSQL databases. Many times, data from the relational databases will be imported into Neo4J for analysis. — Pieter

We OEM Neo4j within our product Spectrum. Neo4j and graph technology are essential to how we have approached the market for our Single View of Customer solution. Neo4j provides the underpinnings for a unique solution that was first to market in leveraging graph for the management of enterprise information assets. — Aaron

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