LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner spoke with CNET on the transformation of its site into an ‘economic graph’ within the next decade.

…the so-called economic graph could be something that could move the needle on the global economy. For example, Weiner envisions companies using LinkedIn to evaluate a workforce in an area to see if it’s equipped with the skills to get the jobs that will be emerging. If not, they can evolve the curriculum, or develop “just-in-time curriculum to train the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.”
Also, endorsements, LinkedIn’s newest feature, has been impressively successful as an extended recommendation engine i.e. graph.
Weiner also noted that there are over 50 million endorsements made each week, with the success of the new option well exceeding LinkedIn’s expectations. Endorsements are sort of miniature recommendations, with members able to note a connection is skilled at a certain ability.
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