megree, a social business SaaS offering, focuses on showing how you are connected to anyone else.

As a business solution, megree loads your connections and the connections of your co-workers, and allows them to be searchable within your company’s network. Industry: Social and Professional Networks Use Case: Recommendation Engine
Most of us are unaware of the true reach of our social graph, despite the proliferation of social networking sites. megree’s goal is to provide you a holistic view of your connections and the strength of those connections, working beyond the constraints of proprietary networks.

SQL Server and Scaling

Kevin Dieter, co-founder and CTO, chose Neo4j when preparing to launch the social solution megree. The decision became clear when observing Neo4j’s REST API and scaling capabilities. When Dieter joined megree, it was a .NET based project in alpha testing stages, running on a Microsoft SQL Server. Upon looking at scaling potential and the heavy logic issues, it was apparent that a SQL solution would not suffice. Neo4j was chosen for its REST API, graph traversal performance, and high availability. Another key element was Neo4j’s proven scalability to a high number of nodes/relationships in a graph.

Success with Neo4j

With only two months of implementation time, megree met their primary business objectives, and met their scaling and REST API necessities. Neo4j was originally only to be used to demonstrate relationships between users, however with its ability to quickly traverse the data, megree now looks to expand Neo4j to more aspects of the technology.
“We originally anticipated using Neo4j only for showing paths between users, however Neo4j’s ability to quickly traverse the graph and manage complex graph objects, has enabled us to make the product stronger than originally envisioned.”