Not many startups can take credit for helping to power cancer research, bolstering ​a space mission​ to bring people to ​Mars​, and ​exposing government corruption with the Panama Papers.

But Neo4j can. On Thursday, the Silicon Valley database startup announced that it raised $80 million in Series E financing, led by One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital. This doubles Neo4j’s total funding to $160 million in all.

When Neo4j was founded 11 years ago, it introduced a relatively novel concept: graph databases, something that Emil Eifrem, Neo4j’s CEO and co-founder, has been evangelizing his entire career. Now graph databases are growing in use, and even Amazon Web Services​ has entered the space with its own AWS Neptune.

"Amazon doesn’t go into markets that aren’t real," Eifrem told Business Insider."They only choose to invest if it’s there. Their customers have told them loudly and clearly they want a graph database. That by and large is a good thing."

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