by Alex Averbuch, LDBC consultant, Neo Technology Neo Technology (Neo) has joined the Linked Data Benchmark Council (, a three-year EU-funded research project aimed at creating a comprehensive suite of performance benchmarks for graph databases.  The goal is to encourage the advancement of graph database technologies, by providing both academia and industry with clear targets for performance and functionality. In addition, an important project outcome will be the creation of an independent authority responsible for the auditing and verification of benchmark results. Neo’s active involvement in the LDBC will help ensure that benchmarks are relevant, and as representative of their customers’ usage scenarios as possible. With this in mind, they have started the process of collecting information regarding interesting use cases, datasets, loads and deployment configurations.

LDBC Technical User Community Meeting 19-20 November, Barcelona

To assist with this process, the first LDBC meeting is scheduled for 19-20 November in Barcelona, where project members and technology users will work together to define the first set of benchmark scenarios. Anyone wishing to contribute in any way – be it with real datasets, usage scenarios, or ideas related to the benchmarking process – is invited to join. Neo Technology encourages the active community involvement in this work! For those wishing to contribute but unable to travel, please consider taking part in the online questionnaire at (submissions are anonymized), or contact Neo’s project representative Alex Averbuch ( directly with details of your usage scenario and we’ll do our best to present it on your behalf in Barcelona. Stay tuned to Graph Database News to keep you updated as the project progresses!