InformationWeek features ‘Neo Technology Database Manages Social Relationships’

“Social applications and graph databases go together like peanut butter and jelly,” says graph database consultant Max De Marzi. That’s the big reason Neo4j, the open source graph database developed and supported by Neo Technologies, has a unique place in the NoSQL world. Neo4j is used to model and query highly complex interconnected networks with an ease that’s not possible with relational databases or other NoSQL products. Other NoSQL databases may excel in dealing with ever-changing data, but graph databases shine in dealing with ever-evolving relationships. In social network applications you can model and query the ever-changing social graph. In IT and telecom network scenarios you can quickly resolve secure access challenges. In master data management applications you can see changing relationships among data. And in recommendation-engine apps you can figure out what people want before they know they want it. Neo4j is a general-purpose graph database that can handle transaction processing or analytics, and it’s compatible with leading development platforms including Java, Ruby, Python, Groovy and others. Neo Technology is working on scale-out architecture, but even without that, Neo4j can manage and reveal billions of relationships. As social and network applications multiply, Neo Technology is in a prime position to manage the future.
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