Neo4j 1.7 GA, codenamed “Bastuträsk Bänk” is now generally available. The many improvements ushered in through milestones have been properly QA’d and documented, making 1.7 the preferred stable version for all production deployments.

Welcome to the Enterprise Turbo package

Johan. Speed.
For enterprise deployments contending with high-volume requests, there are a number of features that support these scenarios in terms of better and more predictable speed. First out is the new GCR cache – it’s 10x faster and accommodates 10x more primitives. The GCR smooths out the rough spots that can occur when processing huge graphs with thousands of simultaneous user operations, by directly managing a fixed amount of memory with thread safe operations. While the other cache types are almost maintenance free and are very effective for general use, the GCR cache’s finer control over memory usage can achieve more consistent responsiveness when tuned correctly. The GCR is a good choice for large cluster deployments where you’re tuning every aspect of your system. Read full article