Graph-nificent News for Neo4j 3.0

451 Research, 5/2/16

“With Graph Growing, Neo Technology Releases ‘Foundational’ Update of Neo4j”

SiliconANGLE, 5/2/16

“What You Missed in Big Data: AIs and Graph Processing Rule the Agenda”

App Developer Magazine, 4/29/16

“Neo4j 3.0 Native Graph Database Drivers Now Support Java, .NET, JavaScript and Python”,-.NET,-JavaScript-and-Python/

Cloud Computing Today, 4/28/16

“Neo4j 3.0 Enhances Developer Productivity While Delivering Massive Scalability And Deployment Flexibility”

The New Stack, 4/27/16

“Neo: Graph Databases Are for More than Social Media”

Dataversity, 4/27/16

“Introducing Neo4j 3.0”

SD Times, 4/26/16

“Introducing Neo4j 3.0: The Most Powerful and Easy-to-use Graph Database Yet”

Datanami, 4/26/16

“Neo4j Pushes Graph DB Limits Past a Quadrillion Nodes”

Application Development Trends, 4/26/16

“Neo4j 3.0 Released”

Tom’s IT Pro, 4/26/16

“Neo Technology Releases Neo4j 3.0”,1-3253.html

ZDNet, 4/26/16

“Neo4j 3.0 Released: Graph Technology Looks Here to Stay”

SiliconANGLE, 4/26/16

“Neo4j 3.0 Promises to Supercharge Large-scale Graph Analytics”

Database Trends & Applications, 4/26/16

“Neo4j Boosts its Graph Database”