Chris Skardon dives into Neo4j and Azure, here are recent posts to follow along:

Neo4J and Azure and VS2012 and Windows 8

Now, I know that this has been written about, but both of the main places ( and utilise VS2010, and well, I’m on VS2012 and Windows 8. Not that I think Win 8 had anything to do with it really, anyhews! I’m going to begin from the beginning, this is my first foray into running something on Azure, so it’s been a bit of a learning curve. But luckily the Neo4J guys have got us started, so let’s download the VS2010 solution: OK, the other thing we’ll need is the VS2012 Azure SDK, so let’s get that as well: (I just did the full install). … Read the full article.

Getting Neo4j to install as a service on Windows 8 Release Preview x64

So, I’ve been working out how to get Neo4j installed on my Windows 8 machine. The j in neo4j does indeed stand for Java, and so I installed the JDK and JRE for my system (x64), and then I extracted neo4j to a suitable directory, (e:DatabasesNeo4j) and went to run the server to get some hot graphdb action… Read the full article.